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In September 2015, Rhys Gough started R Gough Food, with his business partner at the time Felicity Bulbulia( who unfortunately left the business in the early months of 2016), this event was the Llandrindod Youth Market.  since then the company has gone from strength to strength and grown unbelievable.  In the first market, the company borrowed home popcorn machines from here there and everywhere.  Now the company owns a commercial popcorn machine and two commercial crepe machines, this has all happened within the first two years of trading.  Rhys Gough has had a passion from day one to grow the business and to support other local businesses, this is why he joined the youth market committee after "Youth Market 1".  Rhys has been supported by many local and global businessmen and women and is very thankful for this and he will always remember the people who helped him along his journey in business. 

I haave now been studying in Newtown college for a few months now and i have already learnt a lot of practiceis and infomation which will help the business no doubt.  I aim to arrange some meetings with the people i met at the IntroBiz Expo 2018, which was an amazing event and an amazing day.  I would like to thank everyone who is supporting myself and the business as it has been a slow year and has been hard a times to contiue as i am in a rural area with very littlle events.  I am still looking into a product for shops, and hopefully this is something that could happen soon.  


If you think you could help in any way please contact me at


Rhys Gough at a Llandrindod Youth Market meeting accepting the first aid kit donated to the organization by Tesco's 

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